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I'm a visual problem solver who is passionate about typography... also coffee. With nearly a decade of experience, my creative journey has taken me everywhere from greeting card design to wedding photography. Where will you fit in my adventure?


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This is my Story

As a young boy, Bruce Wayne and his parents came face to face with an armed mugger after leaving a movie theater through an alley. After a scuffle, the thief panicked, firing his gun twice, and killing both of Bruce's parents.

Inheriting his parents' vast fortune, Bruce dedicated the next portion of his life to becoming the perfect weapon against crime and criminals. Traveling all over the world, Bruce studied under numerous masters of different arts, becoming the world's greatest detective, and reaching the pinnacle of human potential. Finally finding inspiration in the terrifying silhouette of a bat, Wayne took up the mantle of the Batman, Gotham City's Dark Knight.

With a singular dedication to preventing and avenging crimes like the one he suffered as a child and armed with an arsenal of gadgets and skills with which to do so Batman bridged the gap between superheroes and their predecessors, pulp heroes like the Shadow and Doc Savage. Most importantly, Batman birthed the concept of the antihero, a character who does the right thing, but isn't always the shining example that some of his colleagues are. And, while the concept of the antihero has gone to great extremes in more recent years, none of them would exist in their current form if Batman hadn't paved the way.